3D Arts and Sculpting

Kids and adult enjoy building up things with their hands because we live in a three dimensional world, and this influences us to weight everything that we see and touch with the complete set of measures in height, width and length. It’s not as easy to built up successfully explorations and make children and adumolecule-men-398036_960_720lts understand the solidity, fragility or the aesthetics in three dimensions. Here, at the creative school, our sculptors have ideas to use everything from toothpicks, cardboard, tissue paper, colored clay, wood pieces that are bond together in complicated installations, with silicon glue gun or with other adhesive materials. Discover together unique ways of transforming the boring matter into breathtaking figures!

Apart from the fun or modern side of sculpture, we have a classic sculpture workshop, where you will learn to create from simple figures studies. Learn by pushing and pulling the clay to sculpt your favorite figures from the animal reign. With introduction to sculpture module, learn to make simple, familiar, basic geometric shapes and built up modelling techniques, with your bare hands or the basic sculptors tools. Learn to build up complicate structures that are bond together from basic geometric shapes and with advanced sculpting methods demonstrate that you can add up the third dimension to your creative set of skills. Everyone following the creative sculpting group will be encouraged to explore their own style and develop a recognizable language that can be used as a personal signature.

Lectures, presentations and seminars about advanced classic sculpture and proportions are held each week. Important issues with emphasis on facial expressions, bone structures and ethnicity will be discussed. Everyone will be helped to understand the intricacies of modelling the human face, body and draped surfaces from a live model. Each participant will gain knowledge about proportions, anatomy and dynamics of the human body.