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Pure Educational Purposes

Artistic education plays an important role into building up the strong personality of the youngster. Unfortunately, nowadays more and more schools are dropping out their art programs. This has a negative impact both on the teachers, but also on the missing set of qualities ...Read More

Creative Writers Branch

Come and have a look around at how our creative writers learn to use written words in different styles, techniques and nuances! We produce literary arts in various forms: novels, short stories, poetry, essays or news articles. The best screen plays produces within our ...Read More

Expression and Acting

Acting is a tough work that tells the story by portraying a character. Learning to be someone else means that one has to learn first to master the psychological attributes characteristic to himself and then get inside the role. Acting requires a wide range ...Read More

The Body Movement

Call it dance, drama or ballet; they all have a common origin in the Greek culture. All sort of references are exhibited in museums around the world with single athletes in action, or in scenes related to dances. The Indian and Chinese culture is ...Read More

3D Arts and Sculpting

Kids and adult enjoy building up things with their hands because we live in a three dimensional world, and this influences us to weight everything that we see and touch with the complete set of measures in height, width and length. It’s not as ...Read More

The Craftsmanship Division

The Craftsmanship division is the old ancestor of design. The root of industrialization process that lies at the core of the design productions is buried deep in the artisan world. These domains are still connected today, as the worked-by-hand objects or parts are highly ...Read More