Creative Writers Branch

Come and have a look around at how our creative writers learn to use written words in different styles, techniques and nuances! We produce literary arts in various forms: novels, short stories, poetry, essays or news articles. The best screen plays produces within our creative hub get to be represented in the artistic sketches put carefully on the stage by the actors division.

Material from variousdownload genres get to see the daylight of the printed press in the creative magazine issue our graphic designers carefully put together each week. Works from a fictional or non fictional, classic repertoire or modern, in prose or verse are carefully selected by the literary critics to accompany visual works in our magazine pages. Many authors work across genres to achieve sensory and emotional impact on the reader. Various themes are exploited in the written pieces. Love, war, nuances of the inner experiences or daily life events count among subjects.

Writers of blogs are the modern creation of the world wide web. Short opinion pieces on issues or specific themes allow literature creators to get fast input and feedback on their work. The big potential of on line media opens up possibilities to a fast growing evolution of a writers style.

Collaborative writing methods allow the beginners in the literature arts to fast learn techniques and methods of writing from various creators in the house. We like to create the platform for visibility of the written pieces in our creative circle to enhance the fast feedback and evolution.

The big advantage in this department is that writers can choose fictional names to write under. In this case, anonymity is a protection barrier they set between themselves and the reader.

The best pieces written through the year get to be recited in our open doors festival. Why don’t you start writing them with us?