Expression and Acting

Acting is a tough work that tells the story by portraying a character. Learning to be someone else means that one has to learn first to master the psychological attributes characteristic to himself and then get inside the role. Acting requ494991176ires a wide range of skill that will all be taught with our artists. Vocal projection, physical expressiveness, clarity of speech, emotional language are just some of them. Modern actors have to keep themselves updated with the latest techniques and stay open to many opportunities, such as to interpret, sing on the scene or play classic drama. Mask work, improvisations and acting for the camera are other type of acting exercises that help up built the entire palette of skills.

Being a very difficult area to excel into, training is sometimes necessary at a very early age. As a parent, you can register your children to our junior level acting workshop and lay down a valuable foundation that can help him or her to build up a strong and beautiful character. By learning to get inside a role, he or she gains a valuable set of emotional database, that could be accessed in different events within a lifetime.

A large rehearsal and performance studio at our location is daily animated by the different characters that keep shifting on the stage. Outfits, detailing and scene sets for important performances are designed and build together with the teams in design and craftsmanship departments. As you will see, communication between all the creative branches in our school is very important, as we like to learn from and help each other. Novice actors hold their first official rehearsal in front of a crowd composed by the other resident artists in the building. With this method they learn to get over the fear of standing on the stage and become accustomed to being visible in a representation.