Learning to Design

If you’re seeking out the place where you can be surrounded by creative people and get to become creative at your turn, our center is the place to be. Apart from the traditional artistic media, designers have become an important part in our organisation’s hierarchy. Every aspect of your life is filtered through a designer’s mind. He creates all the objects around you to help with the ddownloadaily tasks, but also the experience and interactions you have with machines and web pages.

Doesn’t matter if you looking just for more than a self study, you will get the chance to learn the basic design thinking process that can get you an overview of all the branches. Creativity lies dormant within each of us and all the resources needed to wake up and train these abilities are available here.

Fortunately, it isn’t required to go to a design school in order to become a designer. A good foundation in design history and theory, together with the practical applications, all learned with us can get you as enthusiastic about design as we are. Children and adults of all age are welcomed to our design educational program. We start it with some introductory thoughts on shape, space and rhythm, continue the paths of exploration in the colors, texture and imagery world, and finish up with the 3rd dimension added to this vast world of endless possibilities.

Just a minimal curiosity can drag you out into the design world. You will want to become part of the team here that works in the studio at the first floor. Soon you’ll work side by side either at the brainstorming round table, individual idea development area or the computer aided graphics. Either if drawing by hand, with pen and markers, or with the computer at late development and rendering of the product, building the products with the 3D software, the design world will slowly conquer your creative soul.