Painting as Therapy

Paint fresh watercolor still life, lifelike acrylic landscapes, oil portraits and much more. Learn essential skills in any of these painting areas with our resident artists that will be more than happy to guide you or your children through all the steps of the process.

Our schedule stretches over the whole week. You can step in whenever you want, as our artists will be in their studios all day long, seven days a week. All the studios are equipped with tables, large easels, non-flammable storage cabinets for the all the tints and washout sinks. We also have an ample storage place with information_items_365drying racks, where you could keep your work in progress canvas until has its final look.

Whether you are at the first visit, or you are a passionate follower of our creative process, you can bring your own working materials or just buy what you would like from the shop at the first floor. We have all kind of materials that can be used for any kind of artistic education purposes: pencils, brushes, markers, papers of different thickness, sizes and colors, various canvases, watercolors, acrylics, oil paintings, wax crayons or pastels.

If you’ve just started your artistic educational process, we kindly recommend to follow beginner classes, where you will learns a variety of drawing techniques and seek out which one best suits your personality. For the connoisseurs that just want to sharpen their artistic skills, the creative center has dedicated studios, that tackle every kind of artistic skill refinement.

Each year an open doors festival is organised, a plain air event where everyone is invited to try out his artistic skills together with the artists here. All departments are working together to promote the complete working scenario for the artistic education seekers. The creative people wait you with open arms all year round to take part in all the artistic educational activities.