Pure Educational Purposes

Artistic education plays an important role into building up the strong personality of the youngster. Unfortunately, nowadays more and more schools are dropping out their art programs. This has a negative impact both on the teachers, but also on the missing set of qualities students miss out. Numerous studied have proven that integrated artistic education plays a fundamental role.

Don’t just take our word for granted.

A 2002 report by the Arts Education Partnership revealed that children exposed to artistic activities develop skill useful in writing, reading and math. The report looked over 62 different studies from 100 researchers. The result shows that art is a valuable asset for teaching students of all age. Another report fromp 200 2009 published by the Centre for Arts Education suggests that artistic education plays a crucial role in the solving of school drop-out rates.

Most of the activities we have inside our creative center are vocational ones. Whether you have them or not, we can awake the calling from inside of you and unleash the artistic potential you never thought you had! Whether you want to do an interesting activity in your free time, to improve your adaptive skills, make art therapy, subscribe your children to unleash creative potential or just have fun with a brush, we have it all.

After spending some time within our creative school environment you will soon start collecting the beneficial effects in all your daily life episodes. We like to think that we give an auxiliary educational training which is lacking from the basic material taught at school. Its the best place to start discovering passion and talents you never thought you had.

We do not expect you have have experience or expertise in any domain. We take you as a beginner and show you how to enjoy it.