The Best Sketchbooks in the Market

Every artist needs to have a sketchbook for any kind of preliminary drawing, but many use them on a regular basis and carry them everywhere. Sketchbooks can be found in every size and style of paper, but there are some essential points you should know before purchasing a sketchbook.

sketchbooksHardcover or softcover are both great options to consider and the size of your sketchbook will vary depending on your needs. If using a sketchbook for a specific occasion, there may be a cover design that interests you. Sketchbooks with sketch paper can be found in nearly any departmental store, but some of the more valuable sketchbooks for fine artists need to be sought out.

Artists will often use online sites in order to make the most of their money when purchasing art supplies. These sites will carry a variety of papers which can provide different effects depending on your chosen media. One of the best and most frequently used papers by professional artists is the rag paper. Rag paper is 100% cotton allowing artists to rework the surface and use all styles of media on the surface. Originally used for printmaking, rag paper is durable and can withstand water and dampness and that can be valuable in a sketchbook.

Carrying sketchbooks in person is one of the ways that artists practice and create a magnitude of work. Sometimes, in the natural world, artists use their sketchbooks to recreate still life in all types of mediums. Sketch paper is limited and won’t withstand uncooperative weather. Finding something more durable such as watercolor or mixed media paper in your sketchbook will be beneficial if you are an artist who likes to travel.

Don’t be caught stranded on a camping trip that will ruin all your important works by dropping the sketchbook in the lake or getting it wet. You can never be too prepared so the best thing to do when buying a sketchbook is to think about all of the places you could bring it to, and the different mediums you choose to use.