The Craftsmanship Division

The Craftsmanship division is the old ancestor of design. The root of industrialization process that lies at the core of the design productions is buried deep in the artisan world. These domains are still connected today, as the worked-by-hand objects or parts are highly appreciated and add up a rich and genuine feature on every well designed object.

Even if you just want to train your hands to produce beautiful objects, without any straightforward purpose, or are looking to complete your design model skills, our workshop is adequately equipped to build up anything. The little things 10958_lthat are built with love, care and passion have a sort of pride aura that can always be perceived by the viewer.

The difference between good design and great design consist of the significant and noticeable differences separating the mass produced items from the hand created ones. Sometimes it is possible to detect the caring hand of that dedicated artisan that created certain object. Also, its needless to say that craftsmanship can be recognized in an objects durability. There is always a long list of objects taking part in the daily life of a person that can be passes along the next generations. The designer skills are developed along the years, with daily practice and carefully planned education.

The center is equipped with everything you need to built up dexterity in carving or fashioning objects from wood, hand sewing using the traditional needle and saddle stitch, both for cloths and leather accessories or pottery and clay decoration with the help of a potter’s wheel.

There is also a list of personal development qualities that are attached to this package: patience, self education and some more. While working with your hands, making mistakes and finding the path to succeed, accepting criticism and improving the quality of work adhere as virtues to your personality.