Nowadays more and more people think that taking art classes can help them become stress free, have a quality time doing relaxing activities, become a better version of themselves. Expressing through artistic means, even if its painting, sculpting, design, crafts, dance or writing can reveal deeper emotions locked inside an individual. Here, we like to dig deep for these remains of art inside oneself, and reveal it, so that one is connected again with his pure inner world.

We own a beautiful house in the peaceful surroundings outside of the city, specially dedicated to these activities. Everyone is invited to take parts in our daily creative process, we even strongly recommend this with the frequent workshops we organize for different activities that happen within our walls and outside, in plain air.

The interior space is split between a dance hall in the basement, used for acting and dancing rehearsal of the artists we have within our studio. The ground floor is used by for sculpture and craftsmanship. The first floor is occupied by our resident designers, and the painters create in the attic. The space around the building is sometimes used by sculptors, landscape designers, dance performances with public or events we organize with the public. Writers find inspiration everywhere, however, they are located on the same floor as the painters. They work well together, as they like to organize reading sessions while the painters work, as the inspiration overflows mutually.

We hope that you will be curious to try at least one of our activities!