Top 10 Masters of Fine Arts Programs in the World

yale-universityThere are certain universities that draw the best artistic talent from around the world- be it artists, curators, critics, or historians. These are the universities that encourage and foster the greatest minds in the art world every year. Here are the universities that, according to ArtSpace, offer some of the finest Master of Fine Arts courses from around the world. Not only will this help you build your CV, and get you the most coveted jobs in the gallery sphere, they will help you grow as an artist and discover your true calling.

The Best Courses in the US

Many of the world’s finest programs are based in America: The most notable mention is Yale University, which is the first choice for the ambitious artists, aiming for gallery exhibits even before they graduate. University of California, LA, is best for those interested in new genres, and interdisciplinary art. Rhode Island School of Design offers an MFA focused on technical art and sculpture. Some of the other finest MFAs in the US include Columbia University and Bard College (both of which are located in New York!) If you choose to apply to any of these, is here to help!

MFA’s Around the World

Outside the US, Goldsmiths College’s concept heavy Masters in Fine Arts is a great option (after all, Damien Hirst graduated from this London based university). The Städelschule in Frankfurt, Germany is a haven for contemporary artists and attracts a lot of international artists. The Royal Academy of Arts (London) has a prestigious and exclusive arts programme that only accepts 17 people every year! The Central Academy of Fine Arts, in Beijing, China, provides MFA programs for those who have very specific interests within the art world. Last on our list is the Écoles des Beaux-Arts in Paris which nurtures art geniuses who wish to focus on contemporary art and fashion.